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found by me. When
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The spring sun filled th
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found by me. When

Wed May 22, 2019 2:18 am
from ylq123
found by me. When my brother came home from school, he always seemed to forget the apple that was hidden. It was like the one that was deliberately left to me. If the parents were the towering trees, the brothers and sisters were the branches that were pulled out and the leaves were luxuriant. Absorb more sunlight and rain. As time flies, we all have our own little home. There is still no gap between our brothers and sisters Marlboro Lights. We keep the natural closeness when we are young. As the saying goes, "Not a family does not enter a family." The wife and the daughter-in-law are all the same people Wholesale Cigarettes. We all like the family atmosphere of the big family. Separation, who has difficulties, everyone bears together, who has a happy thing, everyone to share. Every time I go to idle, a group of people gather together, men and women, young and old, dozens of mouths, adults sitting together to have tea chat, children play games together, chasing fights, the children of the next generation also inherited a good family style , college students, high school students, primary school students, there is no limit to the age, the big let small, small also respect the big, playing together in the dark. In the evening, a bunch of people huddled in the living room to watch TV. Others opened the table and played cards. The whole room was a mess. It was really sleepy, and the quilt was pulled to find a place to sleep. Or drive the car together, take the elderly and children, take a walkie-talkie to travel, the children sing loudly in the walkie-talkie, play and play, and when they really use the walkie-talkie, they find that there is no electricity. Our family have a common dream: to build a big house, to live with the whole family, to keep each other in the spring and autumn, and to grow old. I have seen such a sentence in the network, parents are, we are Brothers and sisters, parents are not there, we are relatives. I think this is a bit sad. In fact, no matter whether the parents are absent or not, the brothers and sisters are all family members, and the blood is connected. This will not, and should not be changed at any time. Looking at some people in order to make a small profit, the brothers turned their backs, made a big fight, and even cut off the robe to break the "righteousness", I feel sorry for them. They did not cherish the blood circulation of the previous reincarnation, except for the blood and affection, no People with blood can also have family relationships Cheap Cigarettes. For example, husband and wife, I feel that in marriage, love is difficult to keep fresh. If you turn love into family, it is a good compromise. There is also a situation where the family is met. I used to know a sister at work. She came to me to do things. When I was very friendly, I left my contact information. Later, when I had a good understanding of each other, I learned more about each other. She was born in the book of Xiangmen, playing a good piano, and studying abroad for many years. After a long time, we found that there is a lot of tacit understanding between each other. On holidays, we always send a text message to greet us. Guanshan Wanli is worried about each other Newport Cigarettes Coupons. There is no interest, just like the kindness and affection between the brothers and sisters is different from love. Love needs heat, no enthusiasm, people who love each other will fly to Yan Yan; family is different from friendship, friendship needs to be maintained, without patience, they will be separated by the horizon. Family is like a blooming spring flower outside the window, faint, bright, so that our life is full of hope; family is like the sun scattered on the table, soft, warm, let our life full of light. Years are embarrassing, we will grow old, please don't let your family grow old in time. Because we can't wait for the fading of time, we can't afford the quietness of our family. (Note: Ma Da Ge of the Huashang Daily said that this text made him feel a thousand, red dust, we are all mortal, have mortal sorrows and joys, no matter what, we should all live well, cherish all the beautiful things in the world, including family

The spring sun filled th

Wed May 22, 2019 2:17 am
from ylq123
The spring sun filled the tabletop, the spring flowers in front of the window were open, a warm feeling wrapped around my heart, soaking in a cup of flower tea, I sat quietly, and spread the paper pen but could not start. I had to let my thoughts drift around with the text, and the flowers and plants would stick to it and sneak in the spring breeze Wholesale Cigarettes. I want to chat with you about family, such as the brotherhood between brothers and sisters. When I was young, our family was in general, our parents were working-class, and the three brothers and sisters were studying at the same time. The family economy was particularly embarrassed. My sister had a good homework, but she didn't want to drag down her family. After she finished high school, she took the initiative to go to the factory where her father was working Cheap Cigarettes. The same is true of my brother. In order to reduce the economic pressure on the family, if high school is not available, he will put on his military uniform and go on his own. I seem to carry too many expectations of the family. When I saw that my father��s unit went bankrupt in the wave of reforms, and the hospital where my mother��s hospital was not good Marlboro Lights, I took my heart, took the bag, walked my brother��s old road, and went to the distant place. northeast. Later, some people said, "How good are the two officers in your old family? In fact, we all had the feeling of being forced to Liangshan Marlboro Cigarettes. "Children from poor families should be headed early" may be the reason. Our younger siblings are five or six years old. They have a very good relationship since childhood. They love each other and are often used by their relatives and friends to educate their own children in order to subsidize their families. After graduation, their sisters are free to buy medicine from pharmaceutical companies and then ride bicycles. Take me to the village medical point to sell medicine. There was a big medicine box behind the car. When I was young, I sat on the front beam. My sister was riding a car and taught me to recite ancient poems. I remember once, the ground was slippery. We even drove the car into the deep ditch along the roadside. The drugs were scattered all over the place. The two brothers and sisters got up and checked each other. When they are finished, they kneel on each other and hold their tears. When I grow up, I heard that my sister wants to marry. I am still very reluctant from the heart. I feel that the woman who is married is not a family member. In fact, I think it would be silly, and my brother-in-law will never change Online Cigarettes. Later, I went to the Southern Military Academy. Every time I started school, my sister would always give me some pocket money, which made me feel more comfortable living outside. I was deeply influenced by my brother. When he was studying, he didn't do anything else. He was good at the language and wrote a beautiful little hand. Later, his opportunities in the military have a lot to do with this speciality. When my brother was in high school, I was in junior high school, in two yards across the wall. Because we are far from home, we can only eat and live at school. On the weekend, my brother often took two foods from home, replaced it with a school meal ticket, and sent it over to the wall. I remember that when the snow fell in the winter and came home from school, we often went on the same line. My brother told me how to write on the road. Strictly speaking, I learned more on the road than I learned in class. Later, due to the opportunity, I also went to the army where my brother is. When people look at the words I wrote, I will look at the real people again. Hehe smiles, you are really two brothers. In fact, our two characters are a bit different. I remember when I was a child, my parents gave us two apples. My brother liked to hide it first. After he cooked it, I quickly put it in my stomach. When my brother went to school, I went to the house and looked for it. The apple was not warm, so I was unfortunately

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Mon Nov 19, 2018 7:28 am
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Tue Feb 13, 2018 9:59 am
from SamochodyMidge
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