On the forest path

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On the forest path

Postby ylq » Mon Aug 26, 2019 7:52 am

On the forest path, the red leaves are flying in the air, the ground is covered with colorful maple leaves, stepping on it, giving out the sound of the cable. It seems that there is only my walking creature left around, which breaks the natural charm. The wind is not big, but with warmth, perhaps the reason for the color, perhaps the simplicity of nature, perhaps, perhaps... Jinqiu is warm, and the wind is also warm. Ye Ben should be handsome and chic, but unfortunately it is euphemistic and softly landed now. Closer, carefully watched, a winding path is embedded in the forest. On the top of the tree, the leaves of different sizes flutter in front of my eyes, sometimes floating in front of my eyes, and sometimes disappearing into my mind. Is this maple forest coming out of thin air? Maybe where did nature come from? The beauty is not true but it is real. Is there a fairy tale of Green in the deep forest? Are there seven dwarfs and the beautiful Snow White? Is there an ugly duckling? My heart is so impulsive, I really want to go in, just like I want to open a mysterious fairy tale book. However, I stayed at the door, did not dare to rush to the depths, afraid to destroy this hard-won silence, not to disturb the beauty of this nature Parliament Cigarettes, I am afraid, I am afraid, fear, ��Uneasy. If it is the previous step, it will destroy it, and even it will disappear without knowing it. I am obsessed with its beauty, obsessed with its silence, obsessed with its mystery, and obsessed with everything about it. But if it is my heart, it is no longer natural. If you want to go for your own lust and for your own curiosity, then all this has to be contaminated with the common things. I want to keep this beauty deeply, and let it disappear from nature. I looked at it slyly, my heart was tangled, and I thought about it. Why not keep it beautiful? Love is that it is so dusty, love is that it is so unique. I smiled and laughed so relieved. Take a deep breath of the distinctive smell here, and look at the paradise where I am not willing to leave. Stop at the last moment, the last moment. Remember that I don't have a holy place that is destroyed by my own desires Marlboro Red, remember that I am full of nature, and finally, with a love wave, I leave, or it doesn't know my existence, or it is still perfect. The heart has been relieved, whether it is a person or a thing or a scene Cigarettes For Sale, even if you want to coexist with it, if you will hurt it, it will destroy it. It is better to choose to leave quietly, quietly, I left the quiet and gentle maple forest. . At that moment, I will bury it in my heart forever. In front of Fenglin, I will leave my footprints deeply. At that moment, I am relieved... I have not turned back, I have not turned, I am full of memories, I am not willing to fall in love. left
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