and the heart is more tired. F

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and the heart is more tired. F

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The first reading of San Mao was only attracted to her interesting Sahara trip. Reading San Mao again, she has been impressed by her soft and staunch, beauty and mourning, deeply fell in love with her words, and fell in love with her personality, her wandering the world. San Mao, the woman who travels all over the world, has a mysterious life, like a smoke, a non-human woman. Jia Pingwa said that San Mao is a strange woman, maverick Newport Cigarettes. Li Wei said that San Mao likes to talk in the box and repeat her own love story. This wandering woman, disdain all this, her world is very large, all over the earth, her world is also very small, can not tolerate the bitterness of others, she keeps them out, let a lonely The heart quietly thinks about everything in life. So, she said: "I laugh, I feel like a spring flower, I can touch people, who is who he is. Perhaps, many people think that San Mao likes to be a family and does not like stability. This is not the case. San Mao once said Yes, "I am not a person who likes to travel very much, because I am very tired, I don't love 'Jing', I love 'People', this is true. "So, her series of Sahara stories is very attractive, because her sorrowful feelings in the book touched people. In the days when the desert settled, the neighbors often stole three-hair drying clothes from Sanmao Cigarettes For Sale. The things borrowed by the family have never been returned, but after the anger of San Mao, the rest is helplessness and sympathy. She carefully treats the young girl who will be married, and gives the residents there a look at the inventions of the Western world. Gradually Land, Sanmao is integrated into the desert, and thinks that it is a beautiful place. It will no longer steal the camel meat from the neighbors and throw it away at home. It is no longer a curiosity for customs. Observing. This is San Mao, she is afraid of being tired, but she is wandering around the world Cigarettes Online. She is true, writes her own words, her own feelings. She is sincere, with a sincere heart, no matter who is a person who takes a bath in the desert for several years. As a noble woman in the upper class, San Mao can gain their trust and become their friend. This way, women who are not routine from an early age are destined to be unconventional, and their fate will always be Give her some teasing. When I was young, I got autism. When I was married, my fianc�� suddenly died. Later, I married the beloved Josie in the desert. But after a stable happiness, it was a heartbreaking pain. Because fate has teased her, took away her beloved, her love, the most important thing is to take away the heart that is hard to settle down. In fact, when a person��s heart is safe and enjoys happiness In the midst of more ups and downs, when you are on the move, your heart will have a gentle heart. The biggest sorrow of the wanderer is that the person is tired and the heart is more tired. Finally, the beautiful and mourning San Mao chose to leave this tiring The world. Yes, such an unusual woman, such a raging life, is not a San Mao that can be retained by human beings, it is always San Mao. We cannot copy, we only agree with her burning. Since, in the world, fate broke through. Her fragile defense line, then, we pray that San Mao is in another world, the heart is no longer wandering, let happiness precipitate.
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