art, I urgently watered it. Wh

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art, I urgently watered it. Wh

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Speaking of a small bag, hurriedly on the way home, I am not quite sure of my direction, but I hope I can go further. --Inscription Just walk when you are young, this step is eternal. In the early years, family members inquired and registered for various interest classes for me. I went out early and returned late in the town, running around. I always put on my brushes and hurriedly put on my ballet shoes. I saw the sun in the cloud gap at five o'clock in the morning before the mist and fog had dispersed. I stepped up and hurried to the ballroom. After lunch, facing the warm sunshine of the high light, the road is still non-stop. Even though the axis rotates every day, it repeats itself, but forgets it. In time, I am a hurry. Hurrying for years and years, I went to various tuition classes. I sat in the car and found that I hadn't seen the scenery of the town for a long time, but I had no time to admire, and went out with the first rays of the morning glow, and returned when the stars were full of the night sky. I am used to the fullness of rushing, which may make me unable to catch my breath, but makes the future a little clearer. In time, I am a hurry. From the moment I came to this world, I was destined to walk all my life. When I fell to the ground, a loud cry cried to the world to announce my arrival; when I was a toddler Newport Cigarettes, I kept falling down and proved with action that my life's determination to pursue. Persistence in childhood is not just to learn to walk, but more to continue in this life. From the moment I stepped into the gate of the school Newport 100S, I was doomed to be more than just walking. I was ignorant, and carefully peered into the world in the book. I couldn't wait to read the textbooks in my hand, and chase the path led by the teacher. The desire in adolescents is not just to walk for understanding, but to carry the bag of knowledge. In the spiritual world, open up a road of Kangzhuang, walk alone, and chase the self. From the moment I fell into the quagmire of adolescence, I was doomed to be able to walk leisurely. When the seed of my dreams took root in my heart, I urgently watered it. When it germinated, I was anxious to let it bathe in the sun and absorb nutrients. However, the process of youthful dream outcomes is extremely slow. The seeds of dreams grow bigger and more leafy. It's not blooming yet, I continue to hurry, the way forward. The dream of adolescence, I planted in just a few steps, but it took a longer distance to realize. The wandering notes stretched my thoughts, the vast sky, an eagle's wings swept across the sky, and it stared affectionately in the sky, looking for the back of my straight waist on the way. I am walking in this world in a hurry, I don't necessarily see the sun at dawn, and the sun never sees the rain, but I will see how my own way is better to go down in time. Looking back all the way, the silent film of time precipitated. It slipped from the cool pond in the summer evening and quietly walked into the autumn poetry. Years are like songs, and in my mind are a series of footprints Online Cigarettes. The backs of the running waves are in the depths of the passing years, rushing in the river of life, flowing through the winter and summer of time, flowing into the lights of life. I know, keep walking and don't look back.
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