We have a long road

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We have a long road

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We have a long road to life. Flowers bloom and bloom throughout the year, and Yingying Yanming, we are always on our way. I remember going to the town for the first time, the road to the town was not smooth, and potholes were common. There was an old-fashioned "Phoenix" bicycle at home, and Grandpa took me to town. Just after it rained, there was no clear cloud in the sky. The fragrance of the flowers came with the smell of earth. The pits on the road were filled with rain, and a small splash of water splashed brightly. Sleepiness struck, and I dozed off in the back seat. "Guy, what do you think this is?" Grandpa remembered in my ears with a humorous voice, yo! It's a candied fruit! The golden icing was wrapped in sour hawthorn, which made me sleepy for a moment to dissipate, and took a bite, oh, I tasted the sweetness of rushing. In the evening, Grandpa drove me home. I was carrying the watercolors bought at the fair. I asked Grandpa cheerfully: "Grandpa, can I paint on the sky with watercolors?" Grandpa didn't answer cheerfully, "Then why the sky is sometimes blue and sometimes golden?" "Because there will be a kind child to paint!" "I will also paint the sky, and I will also be a kind child." With the words, riding the sunset, accompanied by laughter, gradually disappeared into the sunset twilight. Still fresh: I lost my first monthly test in junior high school, and felt lonely like a gray sky. I was sitting on the playground alone with my eyes tight, holding the bright red dazzling test paper in my hands, and tears opened The gated faucet flowed down. "Hey! Are you crying?" Her soft voice came, and I choked, raised my tear-stained face, and couldn't speak, "Look! The great poet Su Shi is optimistic and broad, what is that poem With? Bamboo stick mang shoes are lighter than horses, who is afraid of ... "" A smoky and rainy life! "I received. Yeah, what are you afraid of? I wrestled this time in the process of hurrying. Next time I will redouble my efforts and fall and get up. What can I cry and what can I regret? I burst into tears and laughed, unknowingly, the sun leaned out, lighting up my face and my heart. Everyone is constantly on the road, everyone will be happy on the road, and of course they will taste the taste of failure. Hurry, hurry, the end of the road is-life Carton Of Cigarettes. [Chapter 2] Kindergartens, elementary schools, and middle schools are next to each other. The road from home to school is not meandering, not flat, not wide or narrow. Although this journey is not long Online Cigarettes, there are many stories because the walkers have me and my mother. The "throne" rushed to the kindergarten was a chair, a chair welded to a bicycle. There is such a thing in the moonlight treasure box of memory: I rushed to the kindergarten, was late, my mother pedaled the bicycle pedal one by one, and the faster and faster, I counted the number of times the mother pedaled with interest, I gradually forgot about counting, maybe it was riding too fast, maybe the road was uneven, but the car fell down. I fell from the car all of a sudden, and the skin on my mouth was pinched on the stone, so I also left a scar. However, my willfulness has converged a lot since then. Maybe this scar will be a special imprint on the road of my life. Let me know that when I rush to the road of life, I should not be mad about the time like the wheels keep moving forward. The road has also been refurbished into a cement road. Mom ��s bicycle Also replaced by a battery car, I stepped into the gate of the elementary school. What remains unchanged is the "driver" or mother, and the road to be rushed is still the same size as the battery car Newport 100S, which just accommodates us. Every morning I get up late, so I am going to school
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