However, your Road, bu

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However, your Road, bu

Postby ylq123 » Tue Dec 17, 2019 4:05 am

Maybe it ��s God ��s arrangement, or it ��s a fate of fate. I chose you and become the most unfortunate person Marlboro Lights. You are the mockery of others. That is, Kong Yiji, why can't you get rid of that shabby gown and the mouthful of "everyone"? Are you admiring vanity? So happy? Or the environment? Through the eyes of the author Lu Xun, your figure is always lingering in my heart, and I ca n��t understand you because of it. You always want to ��wrap�� yourself and let others admit that you are a ��reader�� but do you know You are actually deceiving yourself. Since you are a "reader", why can't you learn the principle of "self-reliance"? Why should you give up your chance to make a living and steal? Why do you make excuses for your "stealing"? You are indeed "the only person standing and drinking while wearing a long gown", but your status in the hearts of others has not been improved. Even "I" cast a scornful look on you when I was a kid. Just ask, you still have What's the reason to fall? I can't forget the look when you beg for the "treasurer", let alone your miserable ending, the chilly world, and your way, it is even more difficult for me to sympathize with you Cigarettes Online. When I know how you are, I don't I sympathize with you, but I ca n��t sympathize with you. ��No one asks you for a decade, and you become famous all over the world.�� You read books for most of your life in pursuit of fame, but you did n��t even get half a show. Are you dissatisfied, or your destiny has long been doomed? If time can go backwards, I will say to you, "In fact, the imperial examinations have harmed you." But, you, a stupid old society's downtime scholar, can you believe me? Can you trust me without the temptation of fame and fortune? I sympathize with you, but when can you wake up and get rid of the cruelty of the imperial examinations, but I also admire you and respect you. When others make fun of you and amuse you, you have escaped and let them say Laugh, even though it embarrasses you, doesn't it take courage to face them? Isn't this courage worth my admiration? The kindness you gave to the children of anise beans, the sincerity to teach "I" to literate, and the persistence and courage to survive the discounted legs deserve my admiration and respect. However, your Road, but came to an end. The "nianguan" has passed. At the end of another year's Dragon Boat Festival, the "nineteen big money" on the pink board is still there. This means that you are gone. When you are alive, you have endured the hardships of life Online Cigarettes. , And the deep torture of society. May you rest in peace, and in the afterlife, I also hope that you can take off that shabby "gown" forever, and make a real article of your own, here I am deeply touched, as if regretful, sorry, What owes Kong Yiji. Under the "God's Pen" of the author Lu Xun, I realized a miserable person, but also a society with a cold and ugly nature
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