People's life is following

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People's life is following

Postby ylq » Mon Aug 12, 2019 7:20 am

People's life is following the four seasons, spring flowers, autumn months, summer winds and winter snow, four seasons distinct, different scenery, unable to stop the reincarnation, the unclear taste of thousands of times, time flies, the years, how to interpret this autumn million The style is in my eyes, autumn is extremely sad, especially in the late autumn, this season is already the sound of trees and trees, the mountains and mountains are cold, the wind is rustling, the water is sorrowful, and it is red and faint, a piece of cold smoke. Walking on the path, the two sleeves are cool, picking up a fallen leaf, and the yellow will also cause a full bruise. The lotus skirt in the pool, due to the constant intrusion of the cold rain and hurricane, no longer swaying and swaying, tender and tender, has begun to slowly break, helplessly carrying the coolness of the sky, silently listening to the rain and tears, countless Loneliness and sorrow are quiet and long, and infinitely inflated. No wonder the South Tang Li Yi said, "The fragrant scent of the scent of the scent, the west wind swells between the green waves" Cheap Cigarettes, it will make people so sentimental! That kind of liver and intestines are broken! Although the bamboo outside the window is still green, but the verses of "the night deep wind bamboo knocking autumn rhyme, Wan Ye thousand voices are hate" will make many people toss and turn, and hate how many styles of a leaf in the dark? How many thoughts are involved? When I look back, a leaf has experienced the bright spring, the heat of summer, the coldness of autumn, and finally will be corrupted into mud Marlboro Lights, fat, wind, and shadow after the harsh winter. All say "one leaf knows autumn", what do you know? ? How to explain the autumn style? I deeply feel that she is so helpless to variables! Her life is so light! Her coming is so hurried. Since the heart of late autumn is so fragile, lonely and sad, her footsteps are so hurried and unretainable, then dance with the autumn and take her hand to the chrysanthemum table. Three steps of affection Marlboro Gold, sexy veneer, joyful just..., forgetting my input, enjoying the sway, attracting the geese flying over the chrysanthemums and forgetting the cold, can��t bear the south, and can��t help you. Dance once, and then follow the old dreams of the West Cloud to open the doors and windows, open your heart, play a piece with the cool autumn, and the piano prince Richard Clayderman��s "The Whisper of Autumn", such as Weeping, pleading, dreaming, if smoke, ..., slowly melting together, forgetting
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