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Since the last time

Postby ylq123 » Sat Jul 13, 2019 3:42 am

Since the last time I was invited by the Huizi to visit the Aixi Lake Wetland Park, I was deeply attracted by the beauty there, and I was fortunate enough to see the beauty of the sunset. To be honest, if you grow up so big, you don��t appreciate the natural beauty, let alone talk about sunsets. So I decided to go there again and watch the sunset red again. The weather is very good today, it is very suitable for watching the sunset. I counted the time to drive my bicycle to my destination. Before I arrived, a lake was already in sight. The season at this time made the lake dry up a lot, not as crystal clear as before, revealing a lot of hinterland. Walking into the park is still the same, the scenery is like yesterday, the lakeside willow, the roadside is loose, and the osmanthus fragrance can be smelled. There are many people coming in and out, most of them are lovers. Choose a willow tree and wait for the last one today. The sun is as good as the convention, and the sun is still not allowed to look directly at anyone. But its blushing wings on both sides revealed the secret of its coming downhill. The reflection of the sun reflected on the lake from the west bank of the lake to the east bank, as if the lake was smashed into two halves, and the redness of the abyss has begun to slowly redden the west. The sun has also become soft, not as dazzling as it was now, and now it can barely call it the setting sun. Akasaka is filling the gaps next to the sunset little by little. The sunset at this moment is like the same Buddha in the West. The Buddha is gleaming, friendly and dignified, and the aura of auspiciousness is everywhere. It is solemn and kind, and people can't help but want to worship sincerely Cigarettes Online. Waiting until the entire sky is like a red iron, the sunset has turned into orange-red, and the burning cloud is completely in front of you. This is the most beautiful time of sunset. It is a kind of beauty that can make people drunk, can't tell, and is not white. Some people say that it is the shyness of a girl. I don't think so. I said that this is the beauty of a girl's drunkenness. It is bold and elegant, and it doesn't make people feel bored. Hongxia is wide and wide at the center of the setting sun. The closer to the sunset, the more red and the thicker the red. When it is far from the setting sun Marlboro Red, it is light. The so-called "light makeup" is best used here, but the sunset does not hide into the clouds as people say Marlboro Gold, only a few rays of light, it is naked in front of you. Like a hollow of the sky, it is consuming all the oranges between the heavens and the earth. Unfortunately, the scenery is not long, so the beauty is short for a few minutes. The blush of the sky is slowly dimming, and the sunset is quietly leaving. The sunset that left only a corner went to the glory of it just now Marlboro Cigarettes, and many people turned their attention to see other places Newport Cigarettes. Soon the sun sank the West, and there was no trace of what it had ever seen. The sky also smeared a faint black mist. It is now leaving only for tomorrow's more beautiful bloom, life is also not so a sudden burst of mobile phone ringing sounds interrupted my thoughts, do not guess that my mother urged me to go home to eat, I told her to go back immediately. Putting down the mobile phone and sighing, the so-called beautiful scenery is not accompanied by a beautiful woman, simply can watch it next time, think about it will be relieved.
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