it." I smiled at the uncle. "

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it." I smiled at the uncle. "

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Reminiscing about the past, remembering the story of a child always makes people feel very warm. I remember when I was in the third grade, I participated in a charity bazaar "laugh! Hurry to sell your stuff to others." I saw her mother urging me. I set up the stall and sat reading aside. "Oh! Don't bother me! To sell, you go!" I said annoyingly. "Whether you sell or not. Otherwise, let's go back!" Mom said with a stern expression Cheap Cigarettes. "Okay, I said, I said." I promised, but my eyes kept looking at the book. Alas��my mother took my book away. I walked to the stall and kept mumbling. After a long time, I was afraid to speak. Mother urged again: "Hurry up! You see everyone else is gone." "Big-home-come-take a look." My voice is getting lower and lower. "Be loud!" Mom said aloud just as I wanted to refute, an uncle in plain clothes came to me, he pointed to the old yellow fan and said Marlboro Cigarettes, "How much is this fan?" "One dollar . "I whispered. "So cheap!" He looked puzzled. "Yes. I will donate it to the Children's Welfare Home after I sell it." I smiled at the uncle. "I'll give you ten yuan. Don't change anything. I like this fan." My uncle also smiled at me, kindly put ten yuan in my hand, and then left in a hurry. I looked at his distant back, my heart was warm, and I felt a warm current flowing through my body ... For a long time, I was immersed in it. At this time, my heart was full of strength again, and my voice was brighter: "Come on, take a look, take a look at it, it is cheap and good quality-this uncle gave his love to others, and at the same time Sowing the seeds of love in my heart. He was especially deep in my memory. Now I think of it, I still feel extremely warm Newport Cigarettes. There is a kind of memory called warmth!
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